About Me

(That’s me , Yes)

Believe me, If I had a pretty face, you would see it.


Guess what…I’m a sailor, (a navigating officer) actually who writes because of a condition called Hypergraphia.

Preserving your thoughts for the future is important.It gives you a good lifemetric, and a repository of your thoughts and underlying philosophies for future amusement.

Yes…Future Amusement.

It is best if you can look back and laugh at yourself.It is therapeutic.It is humbling.It will reduce global warming and save the pandas from extinction.

I don’t differentiate between prose and poetry.

Everything in life can be reduced to prose and poetry.That is my current philosophy…which I won’t hesitate to abandon in a blink of an eye, when I find another one that I like more.

About me should have ended five lines ago.I know better.But my Hypergraphia won’t allow such luxuries.Precis writing be damned…Be Wordy,Verbose, and Write your Heart Out.


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