2 comments on “Promise

  1. I put people in categories all the time haha! Great post. I’ve noticed from my own experience exactly what you mentioned. People love to keep you positioned exactly where you are. When you find success, they want it too — but often time, don’t want to put in the effort to achieve it for themselves. Now, self-perceived as inferior, that person will do whatever it takes to sabotage your new found happiness. It holds true: “Misery loves company”…

    • We all put people in categories…it’s easier to deal with them that way.
      Apart from your loved ones and close friends, who else do you have time for, to know each and every aspect of their personality.
      These are mental shortcuts we take to make our lives simpler.
      But when our ideas are challenged, we resent the person who has changed it many times, instead of thanking that person for changing us.
      We should be like the students that seek enlightenment in zen stories…we must thank others when they change the way we think…for we are one step closer to enlightenment.
      Thank you for reading my Rant.
      You’re Awesome!

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